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Witch is the best state to Ride in? and why ? I think Wv is because of the winding roads through the mountains There is always something to see.

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Yep, I agree with Larry, any road will do just for the joy of riding. I like the high up mountains, the twisties and sometimes the flat straight aways for a burst of speed. No matter where you ride, ride safe, ride free.
I'm partial to the Southwest US. No particular state, just year round riding, No winterizing, no ice, and no waiting for snow to thaw.
Hey Gang,

I'm not sure there is a best state. I guess that all depends on your own perspective and location. I live in Virginia and am quite taken by West Virginia. Nice roads, great scenery, not much traffic, and the people are friendly. There are a number of state parks and campgrounds that are open to people on motorcycles (I've seen a lot of campgrounds that won't let motorcycles in). Overall, I think it has most of the qualities I look for in a nice riding experience. Keep your wheels on the road.

Steve (Glideman)
I have to agree that West Virginia is one of the best places to ride. I have traveled to many states and they are beautiful in their own right but WV has it all. If you are looking for tight twisties the southern part of the state is great. if you like flat to rolling country roads that is here also. The area has beautiful parks and some of the best trail riding for dirt bikers and 4 wheelers. I believe you will see that people here are friendly and helpful. The state boasts a Harley riding Governor who recently participated in the Kyle Petty Charity ride. When you are finished riding you can ride one of the easts best white water rafting rivers. MDP
I think it's mostly in the weather, no matter the State. Even the barren flats have an ever changing sky. Although I avoid Nebraska.
I believe that all states have something unique to offer to motorcyclists. It just depends on what you are looking to see and what kind of riding you want to do. I also have rode alot of this great country that we call home, from the coast highway from Ft. Bragg, CA. down to San Francisco to the outer banks of North Carolina and Cape Hatteras Island. From Glacier National Park in Montana to highway 10 along the southern borders of Arizona and California and most of the southeast as well. I can't say that I like one state better than the rest as far as roads to ride because they all have some fantastic roads as well as scenery, places to see and things to do. When I have rode all 50 states, maybe I will have a favorite, but until then, I will keep on riding, looking for that one state that has it all.

WOW! That's a loaded question. I live in Wisconsin and we have decent riding here, but I have been all through the Midwest and central Canada. I have to say North Carolina and eastern Tennesse has to be the most exilerating for me. I would go there every chance I get. Very motorcylce friendly people there too!
Sorry I can't spell
That's why we ride motorcycles.
Just got back from western Wyoming, rode out and back 4964 miles! I have got to say that the scenery there is just breathtaking. My brother has a place in Dubois and on my way there I pulled over three times just to take a picture and I'm not one for photography!! During my stay I didn't ride much but toured yellowstone in my bros Lincoln and the wildlife there is just incredible. Beartooth pass is a great ride, went from 85 degs. on the bottom to 37 on top with snow all over. Next time I'm out that way I was told not to miss riding Wind River Canyon, to the locals that's one of the nicest scenic rides in the west. But just like most of you I enjoy riding to the grocery store or a local bike nite.
Ride Safe, Bill Slays
I'd say the bes State to ride in is "Wide awake and acting like you know what's going on. Crazy Horse



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