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I am 70yrs old and past president of West Plalm Beach Florida chapter #2 from the 70's does any one remember them and are any old members from Florida alive?

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Hey, Quit calling us old, (Please.) I live around the lake in Glades County. I saw Jessie in sebring and some litle guy who probated whom I can't remember his name.I was your enforcer in Fathers chapter at our home bar.( Davie Saloon). Remember Larry (Critter).Get in touch, I still ride also.
Yes Father is still alive and so is Snake. Both live in N. Cent. Fla.
My grandfather was Jim Anderson. Did you know him?
My dad said he did ingraving on shells and stuff. I was a kid then I'm 49 now. So you must be in your 20's.
"20's" I wish. lol
I'll be 40 this April. Yes, he was one hell of a ingraver.
Our Chaplain
I knew him and his white cadilac as our chaplain
My uncle Stan was in the sons of dixie, My guess would be in the late 1960's but passed away as the result of a motorcycle accident in april of 2003 I believe he was 60 at the time of death
What was his nick name I'll ask my dad. If he knew him.
I commented on this on your page earlier, His name is stan, im not sure on the nick name, but he went to rayford prison, for robbing a jolly rogers when he was young, if that rings a bell, and bragged about it to anyone who would listen.
Which is why Im not named after my father, he was afraid I would grow up like my uncle, and ruin his name,
because for years after that robbery, my grand father had a hard time getting a job, because he would have to explain that his son also carried his name.
Imagine being told you were named after a soposed mobster your parents met breifly, because your father was afraid you would ruin his name.
I think I vaugley remember him saying it was spider but I could be wrong.
plus their were probably a dozen with that nick name
Dad doesn't remember the name Stan. But like I said they all went by Nick names My dads was Father and my mom was Mother my brother was Little Mike. We lived in Ft lauderdale Florida. They had a bar called Chuck and Neana's Davie Blvd Saloon. We lived in the back while our house was being build. I was the only kid in school who lived in a bar. When dad would take me to school I made the rounds we come out into the bar I would check the pool tables for crhange the pay phone and the juke box. I always found quarter or two. The good old days that was a lot for a kid back then. Cant play pool for fifty cents any more.
ask him if he remembers spider or, tarantula? pardon my spelling.
They hung with a guy they went to school with nicknamed jocko, I think he may have also been a member, but he turned out to be a pedaphile aka asshole.



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