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Can-Am is rolling out a Spyder Roadster for 2010 with hard bags and speakers that look quite a bit like the passenger area of a full size touring bike. The T-Rex 14R has what’s essentially a motorcycle engine, transmission and Givi top cases on its sides for touring.

Does the moniker of motorcycle fit these two machines? What defines a bike in your mind?

Spyder's are straddled and steer in a motorcycling posture. You’re also exposed to the elements and have a passenger riding behind you but looking under the covers, the Rotax engine is more akin to a snowmobile than a motorbike.

The power plant and sequential six-speed transmission of the T-Rex is full on ZX14R complete with chain drive but the side by side cockpit has a steering wheel, seat belts and a faint glimpse of cover from the wide open spaces.

Most DMV's say you need a motorcycle or at least a "3 wheel" endorsement to drive one depending on the state.

They're fast and now more prepared for touring than ever before. They're also giving people a taste of the motorcycle world that are too intimidated to hop on 2 wheels.

What do you think?

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Wes they are a solution not only for those that may intimidated by two wheels,but those who because of health reasons can no longer ride two wheels. Case in point, the mechanic who worked on my first bike in 1972 can no longer ride two wheels because of bad legs. He can ride the Spyder because he don't have to hold the bike up with his legs when he stops. Also with the automatic trans he does not have to shift. A great way to keep some of us riding longer.
Just my 2 cents worth. Yes I call the Spyder a bike not sure about the T-Rex.

I agree, am waiting for my trike to arrive, just cant do it anymore for the long rides
I couldn't disagree more - the spyder and any Rtrike is as challenging and exciting as any sport bike. It is more inline with a sport snowmobile and is not to be considered as for someone who can no longer walk or hold a bike up. It expands the riding experience to a whole new level. Off road, gravel, wipping around the curves is awesome and you can go places few people would consider on two wheels. I will agree it is easier to hold up at a stop sign but once moving it's a whole new skill set.
I ride my wing for trips and long day rides but the trike is pure fun. Anything not enclosed is a motorcycle.
Good question given the fact that it seems rather hard for a motorcycle to "evolve". Other than the stretching of the downtube and backbone and 300mm+ rear tires , where does the industry have to go? The low and lean look? The artistic flare as seen in some "motorcycles" (i.e. Dreamcraft Studios) ? Maybe we need to figure out the proper kindom , species , sub-species , family etc etc like they do for animals and classify "bikes" that way. Somewhere on that tree should sprout a mutant strain and Spyders and T-Rex's could get put over there?
I was happy to see this Tomahawk spin off called a Cosmos that's got a lower tech engine but 1/3 of the price. Maybe I'm drawn the most to the technology of letting the rider learn while still having the 4 wheel scenario. Maybe it's because of the sci-fi angle. Hopefully we'll get some trickle down technology like Tang and Velcro happening in the mainstream. :0)

You can have a look here.
I wouldn't call them mororcycles, but that should not deminish their image in any way. They are machines in their own right, but I would look for them to evolve into more of an enclosed "cage" in the future. Being exsposed to the elements is one alllure to motorcycles. It is also why there are so many nearly unused bikes for sale. People like the idea on a nice day, but......
I'd like to think I was open minded enough to say, sure they're bikes. It's just not working.We have a spyder in our area. Some would argue, it's as much a Bike as a Trike is. With that, it must be a new breed of bike.
No, I imagine a trike is not, by definition, a bike. But, and it is a big but, I think a trike is a motorcycle. It has a motor, wheels that turn in a cycle, and a motorcycle carcass. My wife and I own trikes and ride them more than we ever rode our bikes. Plus we have made several trips of over 1400 miles. We love them and we are accepted by bike clubs, bikers wave at us, and we enjoy fellowship with bikers on the road. I disagree that one front wheel makes a death trap. We heard that more often on our two wheel bikes than on our trikes. Our Suzuki Lehman Trikes are incredibly stable, powerful, and comfortable. I guess the real difference is in the individual's head more than the rubber on the road.
They are a trike of sorts the Spider being more like a bike or traditional trike. But the T-Rex or even the Thoughbred from Thoroughbred Motorsports, when you add a steering wheel, car seats, AC,and ect. These are just three wheel cars in my opinion. Not to say that it's a bad thing just don't try to tell me it's what it is not. They look cool are propably comfortable to drive but they don't cut it as a motorcycle for me. I climbed into a Thoroughbred at a show once not an easy job in or out. JMHO
I was told once by a fellow on a 3 wheeler that if I ever rode one, I won't go back to a 2 wheeler. I don't think so. To me, it's a different animal. When I finally did ride one, I thought I was going to fall over. I felt top heavey and no lean to it. I don't don't know how having the 2 wheels up front would feel. I do like the idea of "The Carver". To my way of thinking, that looks like the ultimate turning machine. But I wouldn't call it a motorcycle either.

The whole question goes to Man's love of the machine., I've never even seen a T-Rex, but I think I would admire it. I can imagine driving one, but it would not be the same as a Bi-wheeler. I just enjoy operating about anything. The more complicated it is, the better I like it.
From 1985 till 1990 The Owosso Motor Car Company produced 347 Pulse autocycles. They resemble aircraft fuselages with main wheels front and rear and small outrigger wheels on each side, This vehicle more resembles a taxiing airplane but is titled a motorcycle. If a vehicle with four wheels can be considered a motorcycle why not 3.
What would call a gold wing with training wheels? They have 4 wheels, are they automobiles too?



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