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It has been a bit more than 6 months since I bought the Spyder and I thought I would put a brief description of it here. It rides a bit different than a 2 wheel cycle and I put a few miles on it before I felt comfortable riding it to work in San Antonio traffic. Things like no hand brake, only a foot brake (so it can be registered as a car in Europe - one machine for world wide distribution), and you don't have to put your feet down when you stop. That said, it is a great ride and still gets a lot of lookers and comments. It is longer and wider to a 2 wheeler so it is also more obvious.

I have put saddle bags and a tail trunk on it, but it has a large trunk in front that holds just about anything I need for it to. I only need the others when I go to the grocery store. I also added more lights in the form of brake lights by the license plate and turn indicators on the bags. In addition I put fog light on front and I feel being seen requires being seen and lights catch your eyes.

For ride comfort put on a larger CeeBailey windscreen and added a radio. I also added a Gerbing heatroller for my jacket and eventually added stereo speakers in my helmet. A lambskin helps control tempurature a bit better on what has otherwise proven to be a comfortable seat.

The Rotax 990 appears to be a dependable and peppy engine with if you drop it a gear it zips past the slow movers.

I am a bit disappointed in the gas mileage but it is pushing a lot of air and 3 good sized tires.

All in all I am enjoying it, and if you family has urged you to stop riding 2 wheels, this makes a great compromise.

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Glad to hear you like it I test rode one last summer and loved it, What sort of mpg do you get ?
I get about 32 is all, but as I said, a fairly high performance engine and lots of drag as consideration and it is not too bad. And when you look at other bikes in its CC range, it is about in the average.
32 MPG isn't that bad I only get 37-39 from my Triumph and I have to put my foot down every time I stop.
do you have any heat issues. The reason I ask I rode one in Daytona and the heat was really bad on my legs. Riding a Concours 14 that has a rep of having a heat problem I found the Syder a lot hotter. I also have to take into consideration that it was in the mid 90s and this was a test bike being ridden in town .
Just curious about real life riding.
There is some heat on the legs but not any worse than other bikes I have had. The Sportster I had put out a lot of heat and my BMWRTs, while not as hot did put some out as well. What I do in the summer is just hold my legs out a bit, and we average highs over 95 most days in the summer. Now that it is winter, I hold my legs tighter to the body to get the heat on them.
I have taken a look at one at our local dealer. How is the Can Am as a long distance road machine? The dealer seemed to think is was more for around town use.
I test rode one last year at A.M.A. vintage days and it was different. It put a lot of pressure on my wrist and it was different when you turned it. I would not buy one but they look great.
Still looks odd ... how is th e wind ? passanger have any protection?
talked to a local Can-Am owner and he modified his handle bars [put a riser on it that also moved the bars back 2"]. This gave him a more up right seating position and made it more comfortable on longer rides. He loves his bike but wishes he had a 6th gear for milage and hoped to get better milage out of tires [10k]. He was happy that it put him back on a bike.



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