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Need some help on a mechanical issue. I have an '06 VTX1300r with cobre sportster pipes. It is back firing all the time. THe machanic put on a valve block off plate, but no help. Anyone had this issue before, and how did you get it fixed?

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I keep a little seafoam in my tank to compensate for the gumming up of the alcohol
I too agree with using Seafoam.  I gave my bike a few shots of it last week to condition the fuel for over the winter.  Then took the bike for a spin to make sure the product was well worked into the fuel system.  I should be good to go till spring time.

hear hear

from what I found on my MODIFIED bike is if you are back firing it is an air leck or you're running lean. Even if the spark plugs look good the bick fire means you're just a hair on the lean side.
Sounds like an intake leak. I would look at intake gaskets/rubber boots, etc. Squirt some wd40 in these areas and listen for some changes in engine speed at idle. Sometimes you can have a high pitched whistle too.
This new gasoline is a problem. My daughter has Suzuki C50 that was running poorly/ missing, back firing, no power,etc. Long story short...treated it with Star-tron gasoline treatment and she claims it runs like new. NAPA carries it. It is blue and about $8. I now use it in all of my engines. Worth a try! May be an easy fix!

And, remember our government is going to make it 15% alcohol soon.  Another government screw up that is doing nobody any good, except the corn farmers.

Science of the backfire, there are omly 3 (three elements) for any ffule  burning Motor or engine.  They are air, spar, and fule. A backfire is when the valve timing looses the relationship with the electrical spark timing.  The engine is sparking when one of the valves is open when it is supposed to be in the compression stage.  A relative unknown examination, is to inspect the internal shafts for a partially schered key way.  A bad key can put the timing off - from about one to three degrees.  The valve block plate instalation should require an inspection of the rod leangth.   

If you can't fix it at home - Then take it to the dealership

Learn about your motor - and become a better rider, too 

If you could spell, people might believe your "science".

Thanks - for your support. is It  is not the personality type, that has almost kiled off this web.  If you are looking for absolute perfict spelling "watch Van White.".  As Jack said - "You can't handle, the truth. " So,whats the bust - "tell me what is hapening"   Are you the "spelling police."   Change your web sites.

Remember I can build and ride any thing without your permission.  - If you want to continue to correct spelling.  You should get  a teaching Job.  I say that most  bikers ers know their  machines better than Spelling, as  evident by this very web.   This web site provides little, from your comments. - and is not always a confidence builder  It is the way it is.......  You can always - drop out of this web. 

I will take care of my machines, and you can pre- prejudice your comments - Dr.  .I am under medical care for the lack of up close vision - (Eye) glasses don't work.  I suggest the rudeness expresed By members towards the Killing off Nubee  attempts  For unknown reasons is  detrimental to what is left of this web site.   Or is it beneficial -  to keep nubee's out., such a large following on this site. That is vanishing.               

 I don't need you and your BS comments.....................A couple more of comments, similar to the last - and  I am gone. 


James; There are always those A Holes out there, even on this site.  Your spelling isn't all that bad. If this fellow wants to be nit picky about spelling then he should look at "frenchie's"  discussions. LOL

yesh even with thease keys being too close i try, your time is coming, bub



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