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Citizens of America, please share this website and stay tuned for some exciting things that will be taking place this year in our country. This promises to be a great event happening at every State Capitol across our land. Tell all your friends across this country that this ride will be coming to their state. More details to come. Essential times require extrodinary measures. Coming Aug.15- Oct. 30 at a State Capitol near you. Constitution Ride Across America. It's time to Rally Up America!



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I'm ready; as long as it doesn't turn into a whining, political, "me, I"-"me, I" event with no objective other than to bad-mouth someone to get self-recognition ( like so many other "grassroots movements" ). If they stick to re-establishing, as written, our Constitution of the United States, "WE THE people..." can re-form a more perfect union, and run OUR COUNTRY the way it should be, for every CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA ! Put me at the front of the line.
I'll watch for further info.
This is definitely not about bashing! This ride is about bringing awareness to the destruction of our Constitution and about protecting the freedoms our founding fathers set forth for us in this historic document. This is about " WE THE PEOPLE". Not a political party, but about common sense. If you love our land, and the freedom it stands for you will want to share in this ride on your own terms.

I will be riding to 48 state capitols, with a rally at each, to deliver a Constitution to a state legislator. All along the way on this two and a half month journey, I would hope that all Americans will join in support, and join in on the ride as I travel through your home state, and come out to the rally at your state capitol and show your support for the constitution.

Making it clear, this is not about riding motorcyles, this is about saving our United States Constitution. I love to ride motorcycles, and most of all as an Amercan Citizen, love my God, my Country, my Family, and my Freedoms.
It's what we need. I will be there; let me know where and when. I live in Las Vegas (about 450 miles to the state capitol) and will get everyone I can, bikes or cages, to join me on the trip. I'd like to know the responses from the recipients; keep us posted.
God will bless you, and
"Thanks" for what you're doing,
I am getting a huge amount of response from citizens all across this country. I receive emails and phone calls daily from folks wanting to get involved and participate. The rally at Carson City, NV is on Sept. 28th, at 3:00pm. The full calendar of the ride is posted at the top of this page. I look forward to stand with you in support of our Constitution.

Daren Gardner
Count me in!

If we all got back to living by our Constitution and the ideals that our Founding Fathers had for this great country, and made it what it is or at least what it used to be, we wouldn't have a "left" or "right" to worry about. Too many people want to change this country to suite their desires and it's bringing her down.

Ask yourself when was the last time you read our Constitution from beginning to end in the manner it was originally intended when written?
Thanks for the response. Jerry Ashby, we are getting the plan now, so will let you know soon more details.
Let us know ASAP and far enough ahead of time for others to make plans. I'll keep watching.
Thanks again,
Jukebox Jerry
Keep me informed as this progresses. I would be interested.
I'll be waiting to read about it. Is there a web site or link for more info?
Should have the dates finished up soon, and will post it for you all. The website ( ) is underconstruction but once we have all the data for it you will know what date I will be in your state and the route taken. I would love to have anyone who is interested to join along the ride at any point and for any length of time you desire.

If anyone lives along the route and would be willing to donate your sofa for a night it would also be appreciated. This ride will happen and be successful because of the generosity of hundreds of great Americans across this nation. I look forward to meeting many great citizens of this land as we rally to protect the U. S. Constitution.

Also join me on Facebook - Daren Gardner - my profile pic is the ride logo created by a great patriot friend of mine. We will also have a Facebook page soon. It will be - Constitution Ride Across America - Thanks to all of you for your willingness to participate.
When you get to Hartford CT, I'll have a bed, meals, a garage with a lift, or anything else you or your bike need ready for you. I'm in Wethersfield, a few miles south of Hartford. Just let me know when your coming through.

Hey Mike, a BIG THANKS man, I will be in Hartford on Aug. 17th with a rally at the Capitol at 4:00 pm. You can email me at, and give me a number I can reach you at. I will be in touch. Thanks again.




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