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Good evening Riders.

Some of my buddies and I are working to start a motorcycle club. Can anyone recommend any resources or provide any adviceon how to do this and how we can register our name and logo for our use only? Anything we should check out or avoid? Any advice would be very helpful and appreciated.


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Thanks for the advice. Would you mind elaborating on why you would advise not to start one?
I appreciate your honesty and will keep you in mind if have have any other questions.

The way you describe it makes it not even sound fun. I guess that's one of many reasons we want to branch off and do our own thing. Seems like wherever we go to focus is on so many other thing BUT riding. That's all we want to do...

Thanks again Dave, I'll talk to you soon. Be safe.
I agree. Like I said I'm not really into what these other clubs are into. Seems like just a bunch of wrecklessness and ego. I'm a rider. Dirt and street. But I know my friends better than I know them so I'd rather stick with them then to be feeling my way through other groups for the right fit. We all have the same objective-to RIDE.

I figured, why not take advantage of doing something we love doing. Maybe club involvement could have its perks(ie group discounts, networking, writeoffs, etc). That's what I'm researching now.

Where exactly do you guys hang out at that you face so much negativity and respect issues?
To be honest I started a club at my college. Got a few members we dont have any colors we just ride to get to school, hang out at someones place or a resturant or at events on campus. We keep it clean we are not interested in fighting to prove ourselves we just ride. The club can be disbanded at anytime we feel it is not working out. Only if you are really interested in getting colors and a logos, mascots and such is when you should seek an attorney but that costs money and would require dues unless you have a lawyer friend willing to do it for free for membership. but then you have to deal with copyrights and trademarks and that can add up.
What's the main difference between a Motorcycle Club vs a Riding Club? Do you have to consult the dominant club for permission? Can you wear a patch/logo on your jacket?
Just stay away from the club verbage, has territorial conflicts. Riding Group or Riders is a safe way of having a bunch of friends get together, ride, and have a great time. I suggest starting it on, you will get a lot of people in your area that like to ride. The one we have in a year has grown to over 125 now, with about 35-40 seriously participating. Stay away from the officers. You will have to have someone as an organizer to be responsible for the site. We have a lot of great people on our site, we really feel like a family, helping each other when needed, providing support when needed. I lead, and plan a lot of rides myself. I am telling you keep it Simple!
Officers? Of the law, or bike clubs?
This is sort of the direction we're going toward. The Riding Club.

Is there anyone who is a part of a Riding Club that can say they don't run into any respect or color or any other issues with other bike clubs because they're apart of a Riding Club as opposed to a Motorcycle club??
Hey Cory! If you look at some of my pics, you will see a place called "Shiloh Social Club". This is our clubhouse and campgrounds of our "club" of riders and friends. We are NOT an MC, we are just a bunch of people who pay dues ($100/yr) to have a key to the private land and facilities you see in the pics. It is member only and all guests are the responsibility of the members who bring them. The guy who owns the land, Charles, is of course the one who makes all the final calls IF there were to be any issues. We get together and ride often, we don't wear colors, though we are getting flags that has our River Rat mascot on it! We have not yet ran into issues of other groups and the whole respect thing. One thing I will say though, Charles has been around lots of MC's and lots of history with him in the riding communities around here. Most everyone knows him and respects him. We have members from several MC's come to the river during some of our events and rallies. We have several members of the Outlaws who come down there on a regular basis and they are no different than you or I. So as far as the respect issue, I would say that if this were a group of new people starting something up that no one knew about... I would see issues there. But if you are a group of people who just get together and ride and go out to eat and that sort of thing, I don't see why you would have issues. As far as the whole MC thing, I agree with everyone. That is a LOT of legal issues, a lot of money, and CAN cause a lot of issues with other riders of official MC's. Like I said, we just get together, camp at the river, throw events and rallies, go out riding.... hang out and have a good time. There is no "issues" to be had and makes life quite enjoyable! :)) Hope this helps some? Feel free to ask any questions if ya want! -M
when i was in new jersey anybody who wanted to start a club they had to go to the pagens and get their permission is what i was being told anyway but it would be something to check into
You start a motercycle club by avertisments in newspapers and friends spreading the word.

Starting a club is considered an insult to the existing clubs. There is a heirarchy of clubs, it starts with the dominate 1% club in the area, then the rest of the 1% clubs in the area, then the regular 99% MC clubs, then you have rideing clubs and associations, last you have groups. You need to do some research and understand the ettiqute of the biker community. If you want to start a club you need to be sure there is no existing club with the same goals as you have for yours. The first thing to do is to get your initial members together, and find out who the dominate club is in your area. They may have an orginazation to handle the lesser clubs. You also need to get game plan together and fiquare out what kind of club you plan to have and why you feel it is needed in your area. Then you need to contact the dominate club or the council that over see's area clubs and request a meeting. Be respectful, and if things don't work out that may be the end of it or you maybe able to hange things to work things out. But you can not force the issue. You are dealing with peolpe who put their club first and live to be a biker, its not something most people understand. It also holds true for joining new clubs, they may not have gone about it the right way and could ba a target for 1% or even dominate clubs. so do you research. The best thing o do is get out there and meet people, networking can get you far in this comunity



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