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Hi i want to start using full synthetic oil in my bike,1997 goldwing se i had some wing riders tell me that the bikes shift better and run better. my Question is do i have to use honda oil or can i use a auto brand ? i live on the Oregon coast and the honda oil is hard to find here. Thanks Dave

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Hey Dave, I used Castrol in my GSXR. Bought it at auto parts stores, Wal Mart, where ever the best price was. It was a 1995 and thats all I ever ran in it. Synthetics are the same no matter what. Pick a quality synthetic and run it......... good luck and ride safe.
Since you have been running conventional oil, you will notice a difference. It is good to first run conventional oil becaue synthetics are so slick they can cause bearings to slip. You will like the performace the syns will give you and the oil changes will last longer.
Just be sure to run the same weight as conventionals you are running now. The viscosity of syns will last for the life of the oil. It also runs cooler and heat will not cause the syns to break down.
I have heard that auto oils are manufactured differently that bike oils and thus one should not be used on the other, Wish i could tell you the specifics but dont recall them. Anyway , I run Royal Purple in mine. Dont really notice any difference in the operation of the bike. Other people have complained about synthetics causing more "chatter" in there primary drives and notice harder shifts with the use of syn's. don't know how engine oil would effect those performance aspects but just relaying what I've heard true or false.
Dave, I dont have a Goldwing but I have been using Syntec for 4 years in my yamaha and have'nt had any trouble with it. I use the best filter I can get with the oil and it seems to stay cleaner longer and it has helped the gas mileage somewhat. I still change it once a year, so as rick, pick a good one, dont go cheap.
Rotela is definately one of the best syns out there. You can check out the 4 ball test results at AMSOIL website. They show the results of all syns compared to each other.
I am not a goldwing fenatic, and am not possitive what type of clutches you have, but Most Metrics have wet clutch Transmisions.
THis being said you can use any Synthetic, but I would recomend staying with Motorcycle synthetic, as Automotive Synthetics are sometimes to slippery, and can cause your clutches to slip.
I Like AmsOil, but if you want a good oil that is easy to come by, Mobil 1 synthetic is rated pretty good. Note: That if you use mobil 1, I would recomend going with the 20-50 not the 10-40, as the 10-40 has issues with foaming. And the 20-50 does not.

Shell Rotela is what all the GWRRA guys run highly recommended on thier web site. Many members have used it for many years, I would stick with whats try'd and true, Wally World is the best price on it. I still change my oil at regualer intervules and always change the filter. Stick with the wieght recomended. Ride Safe
Hi this is Dave want thank everyone for there responces, been a rider for over 40 yrs & this is my second wing, but never used synthetic in my bikes before it sounds like rotela synthetic is the way to go. agin thanks lots, hope to see you down the road, you can always tell its me chubby guy with a big grin on a big red wing with my good looking wife sitting on the back we love to ride together. Thanks Dave
I believe in Castrol GTX myself, that is what I have used in my Honda Magna V45 for the past fifteen years. Checkout Castrol Edge @ Castrol/Edge Ads by Google This is Castrol's new & improved synthetic.



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