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Looking for popup tent trailer to pull behind our touring bike. Would like to hear from fellow bikers who have done this. Saw an ad for a 215 lb trailer that sounded good. Older trailer were so heavy we were scared to have that much weight pushing us in a panic situation.

jb & Red

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I did a lot of talking to people on the trail before I ended up with a 125 lb Bushtec with a 700 lb capacity. I only pack it out for trips at probably 250 lbs, but I've hauled some gppd loads for work. You just have to think like a truck driver.

I talked to one couple who had a 700 lb behemoth camper. He had electric brakes on that one, but most don't. I always wondered about that, as I'm I am an old trucker, used to a "Johnson Bar". I have to say I may have had a serious crash once if I had been pulling a trailer at the time, but I wasn't. It would have simply have changed the dynamics of my evasive maneuvers.

Though I was looking for a "camper" trailer for years , I found it unnecessary. My light little Bushtec does the job and I can use it to go to town after I set up camp. And it's great for just using as a utility. Just more versatile.

Crazy Horse
Look at this ( Lees-ure
Thanks for the tips. Red and I have a small utility trailer that we use for tents, stove, etc. What we were thinking was the quick & easy in the popup tent type. When you have 8 or 9 days and are looking at 3000-4000 miles, the time to put up and take down a tent starts to limit your travel time. I have never experienced a problem with a trailer behind the bike but I have driven trucks and when the trailer starts to pass the cab, you know that it is not going to be pretty. Transferring that thought to our Ultra is down right unnerving. Because we ride a little more aggressive than the typical rocking chair type, I have been reluctant to increase the odds of a bad ending. I know that I could ride in such a manner to reduce the odds of such an event but .... I could also give up cigars and 15 cups of coffee a day. If the ride doesn't excite you, why go.

jb & Red
John,We have a tent trailer we've been using for last two years, it's a Kwik Kamp, wieght is 300 lbs. emty, sets up in 90 sec. flat ready to sleep. We have no problems towing with our 1500 Gold Wing have logged many miles, we just bought an1800 Gold Wing and are thinking of up gradeing to an Aspen Classic tent trailer. The only reason I am considering the up grade is because you can get the Aspen with trailer brakes. We have not had trouble stopping with the Kwik Kamp but I am always thinking ahead. We dropped down into Jackson Hole Wyoming form hwy 22 off the Grand Tetons had no trouble holding it back with the lower gears. But you never know when something jumps out in front of you, I haven't had to do that panic stop yet. Like I said before I'm always thinking ahead. Being up off the ground is well worth it for me as I have a bad back with two ruptured disc in 1984. Sleeping on the ground is no option for me. Ride Safe and you will love the tent trailer, and when they say you can set it up in 90 sec. believe it. Take down takes alittle more time but not much. you'll love it.
The Aspen starts at $3500. and goes up as per options.
Terry Lewis: Thanks for the input. Almost without exception, everyone that I have talked to echoes the same sentiment as you-never had a problem. Maybe Red & I will see you in a campground someday. How much can you pack in trailer? When we can, I prefer to move as much weight as possible from our bags to our trailer.

jb & Red
I picked up a home made pop up tent trailer last fall, I think it's about 4x8, don't know how much it weighs. I had to put me a $279 Hitch Doc trailer hitch on my Valk to pull it. It is fairly easy to set up, there is a rack on top to haul whatever I need (there is a photo of it on My Page). It's just big enough to get a mattress into, has a spare room I can set up to store my stuff in while being camped. I pulled it around the block to see how it pulled, seemed OK, won't know until I take it to the bike rally this summer, looking forward to seeing how it will work. I've seen used top name factory units that looked in decent shape 10 years old or so in the $1100 - $1500 price range, I got lot less invested in the one I bought, will see how well I like it and maybe move up at some or another.
John, we pack all nessary stuff for trip in the trailer, keeping the bags open for stuff more readily needed. We have everything we need for camping including stove, grub box, ice chest, chairs & ect.. I try to pack most of the wieght over the trailer axle, but always keep 30-60 lbs. tounge weight or the trailer will want to wag the dog same as with a car. We try to buy food and drink as we get close to the end of day to keep weight down. Also when buying gear look for light weight good quality. I recommend you go to a bike ralley where they will have several manufactures of campers. This way you can choose what best fits your needs. Some models you can not get into storeage without setting the camper up, some yout can't get into until you take it down. In that case you have to unpack everything before you set it up. Kwik Camp, Bunk House, & Aspen are all accesaible either up or down, you can get from queen to king size bed. Hope this helps. RIDE SAFE
A word of experience, Time -Out is really nice for a tent trailer, It.s like a small house when its open, Loved ours, We pulled it with an Electra Glide Classic, Now the bad part The last time we used it we had a blow out doig 70 every thing started to fish tail and both my wife and I got tossed from the bike. So in this I say there fun but be careful....
I had a blow out too. I was doing 70 plus with about 400 gross weight. It was like dancing a fat girl. but she did fine. I rode her into a shop. There was not a tire of that size for a thousand miles so I had to cut her free and come back with a pick-up and order the tire directly from Bushtec. No harm, No foul, and no lost wife. Good tires are crucial.

Crazy Horse
Jerryman & David, I was just about to convince myself that the tent trailer and good sense riding would allow Red and I to glide thru the golden years seeing this beautiful country economically. I know how I ride and good sense is usually not the adjective that would used. If Red reads your comments then I know that cheap motels will be the agenda.

jb & Red
JB The blow out I had was on my bike not the trailer, It was just one of those freak things that happen, The tire did'nt have that many miles on it, I would say all in all you've got as much of a chance to get mugged at a cheap motel as having a problem with a camper trailer As Dave said you just have to be a little careful..
Hey - Check these guys out ( There are a few options here. My personal favorite is the Mini-Mate Motorcycle Camper. There's also a video of some one setting this up in less than a minute. This store is owned and operated by Author Dale Coyner whose books includes "The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel" and "Motorcycle Journeys Through the Appalachians" ( He was also appointed by the Governor of Virginia to start a Motorcycle tourism campaign and website for Virginia. Why do I mention all of this? Well, first this man knows touring. He literally wrote the book on it. Second, he's from my home state. Third, did I mention that he knows touring.

Take a look and see what you like. Dale will probably be able to point you to a dealer for any of these trailers in your area.
- Ace



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